Patrique Bartlett – How to Build a Successful Career

Patrique Bartlett is a young business professional who has built a successful career. She works with a company in Texas, and is earning her business degree from a university in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  She is dedicated to her career and works hard to advance in her company in the near future. Building a successful career often involves dedication and focus.

Patrique Bartlett

Patrique Bartlett

One tip for building a career is to build your experience. A college degree could be a great tool for your career. While you are a student, you could work as an intern as well. If you do not want to earn a degree, you can start at the bottom of a company and work your way up.

Another tip is to build a strong professional network. It could be helpful to get to know your professors if you are a student. If you have already started working, it could be helpful to take the time to get to know your colleagues. Professional connections could help you find new opportunities.

A third tip is to focus on your goals. If you want to build a strong career, it may be helpful to develops goals for the short term as well as the long term. Goals and a timeline can help you move forward in your career. Developing a career takes time and effort. Patrique Bartlett has spent years developing her knowledge and career as a business professional in Texas.